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is this thing still on?

OK. I have decided to give blogging another go. This is my startup post, and I've also backported by hand-made posts from http://www.vanpelt.nl/weblog/ The funny thing is that when I went to create a blogger account 'dapke' was already taken. This is a rare name so I looked to see whos it was - mine :-) So now this blog is reachable on http://blog.ipng.nl/ for your ignoration and my enjoyment.

Anyway, I'm in California for business - there's a summit in Lake Tahoe I'm going to. I learned a new word the other day - Boondoggle. No relation.

I flew to SFO over ATL. When clearing immigrations in ATL, something funny happened. After asking me the customary questions, the officer asked me a techsupport question for Earth. I now have to redefine my notion of immigration office employees - they are not all moronic robots.

I got to SFO at 8pm, rented a Saturn and drove to Mountain View. Now blogging at the Googleplex. To celebrate this I'm planning on buying a Macbook Air later today. Boy, it's good to be back in California - the stores are open on Sundays :-)

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Anonymous said...

Lots of fun in the U.S., Pim!

Regards, Jack.