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IRC Administration change

Today Dennis 'Riedel' VInk approached me explaining that his interest
for IRC has long left him, and because he persistently sees me
following up on EFnet affairs, he asked me to take over the
administration of the server. I joined as irc.efnet.nl co-admin in
2002 when I offered to host the machine; this was after the sponsor
back then, Versatel, which had bought Vuurwerk and then bad things
happened to staff and hobby projects shortly after, had pulled support
for the hosting.

BIT, my employer back then, had and always has had core values which
allow employees to serve whatever they'd like and the company to serve
the internet as a community, even if the service is `awkward'.

I am now admin of irc.efnet.nl, co-founder and oper on irc.efnet.ch,
co-admin on ede.nl.eu.undernet.org, and oper on irc.ipv6.xs4all.nl.
You can reach me on <pim@efnet.nl> or <pim@undernet.org>.

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