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Home Sweet Home

This week featured the Geo Summit in Lake Tahoe (well, Northstar near
Tahoe). I drove there with some cow-orkers on Monday in a rental
(Saturn Aura). The valley was at 90F, and up on the mountain the sun
was good but the evenings were cold. We talked about all sorts of
maps/earth things, I'll spare you the details [because it is known,
people lose first borns for breaking NDA and I don't want to lose my
particular specimen]. Tuesday we went to the lake for a cruise dinner
and Wednesday afternoon we drove back to the bay. Thursday I took off
to go shopping for books and baby clothes, and went back to the office
for Thirsty Thursday and dinner with the universal search folks.

Today, Friday the 13th, at 4am I stood up and drove to the SFO airport
from Mountain View to fetch a 6am flight to Atlanta. Contrary to what
I had expected (a clean, quick e-ticket boarding) I had to queue for
45 minutes in an otherwise hectic terminal where people were bouncing
around, being late, and upset that they were going to miss their
flight. At 5:50am I passed the screening and walked right onto the
plane to ATL. It had some strong tailwind so it landed almost an hour
ahead of time. The cabin crew even joked around "I just know you think
Delta is always late, but here's proof for you - 46 minutes early, and
we're already at the gate. Eat that!". Another funny one was about the
in flight entertainment - "yes, we know our inflight ent system sucks,
it's broken more miles than it actually works, however, this flight
seems to be on the working miles so count your blessing". There was a
definite 'Jet Blue' feeling I had on the flight. Layover was okay, I
bought a bluetooth dongle for the iPod (brand: wiRevo, model: A100)
and a stereo bluetooth headset (brand: Nokia, model: BH-501), but I
couldn't listen to them until I got home because both of the batteries
need charging before use :)

Marina and Alexis, who had said previously that 8am was too early for
them to come and collect me (whimps!) were indeed waiting for me.
Seeing Alexis through the glass while I was waiting for the luggage
was really nice, but she did not really seem to care (booh!), but once
I was on the Zurich side she warmed up and seemed to remember that man
who tickles her and is playful. Maybe the voice made it better, as the
glass is thick and she might not have hear me cheering.

Got home, had a sandwich, crashed until 2pm and was woken by Alexis at
my bedside - yes this is why I was homesick last week. Parents around
will know what I mean - opening your eyes to a bedside kid smiling
back at you really is special. But I was wasted, so I told her to try
again, which was at 3:30pm, same ritual, but now I woke up. We played
all afternoon, and there were many (drooly) kisses and hugs and
bringing me toys, and then taking the toys from me, and bringing me
another toy. Yaay, Alexis!

!baby - Alexis van Pelt is 495 days, 10 hours, 40 minutes, 10 seconds old

Marina too got on my good side - she had bought Frikandellen,
Kroketten and Viandellen in holland and brought them with her to
Switzerland. So we ate hard core junk food tonight and now I'm kicking
it on the couch with a Feldschlosschen.

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