Pim works for Google and lives in Zurich (Switzerland). This blog attempts to let people understand what he's up to :-)


I was hanging out at Sioux' place; we were upgrading some boxes and
drinking, when I was suddonly called away because
sum1.kelvin.network.bit.nl [a Summit5i] was failing. I drove to the
office and reset the thing which helped it come back up and go to work
for us once again.

I went home at 02.30 am, and threw the laptop in the hallway before
going to bed. The next morning, Patches came upstairs asking why I'd
left the door open and why I didn't close the cupboards ...

The burglars had taken our xbox, pentax camera, dect phone, my
15" powerbook and Patches' purse. Fuckers.


Insurance Payed - Gear replaced

The insurance company have processed my claim. After waiting 19 days on
the police report, and seeing my claim get lost in the mail, having a
hard time getting in touch with the expert and waiting some more, I
received a letter from them saying they will compensate me for my

I've replaced Apfelkorn [pb15, 1.5GHz, 80G, 512MB] and replaced my
digicam [Pentax Optio 430RS] with a Canon Ixus 50. Pictures can be
seen in my gallery.


Star Wars I in Turnhout

We went to see the missing Star Wars episode in Belgium. We'd bought
tickets a week prior to that and we visited our favorite Argentine
restaurant. It turned out they are serving Kobe steak, so we reserved a
table for the 19th.
We played a game of pool and darts at the Utopolis, then went for the
fabulous dinner [fab-u-lous, I have never eaten a piece of ribeye like
this one before!!], and then to the movies.
It was allright, but somehow the 4/5/6 episodes meant more to me. I'm
glad I know the missing story elements, but I found the sw3 movie to be
a lot of fighting and special effects. Oh well, the meat was great!


Relax at Almere Bevrijdingsfestival

Although it was a bit chilly, and we were surrounded by teenagers who
most apparently did not have a clue who Relax were [why would become
clear later on], it was a nice gig !

Relax' new album called Odeur de Closhard features two guest
appearances. The one is Jacqueline from Krezip, the other is Boris [some
Idols winner]; Boris was also present at this gig, and made the little
ones go wild with enthusiasm.



This morning I noticed that the vanpelt.nl domain was returned to the NL
registry; I instructed my ISP to register the domain for me which
succeeded. The last time I tried was in 1998, but it was registered to
some Cleaning company in Tilburg [if memory serves me].

I was called by some individual who wanted to re-register the domain,
but it is not for sale. I have always wanted this domain but had to
settle for 'pelt.nl' back in 1998; the two are now both mine.