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Cat Lika died in car accident

The night Marina and I were out on the town, just before we were to
leave for Austria, Lika left the house to spend some time outside. She
does this often (several times a week), but Lika never stays the night
out. She's normally back before we go to sleep, and she then sleeps in
her warm and snug cat-bed which is attached to our bedroom chauffage.

The next day we left for Austria. WEiRD was to take care of our cats and
also Dieuwke promised to come round every now and again (she's helping
Marina finish her 13000 piece puzzle). She never came back, because she
was hit by a car that night.

I love Lika and wished for her not to be run over, but there is nothing
I can do to bring her back. She was cremated the 18th just when we got
back from Austria. Thanks to the Dierenambulance for their support and
help taking Lika to her resting place in the Grebbeberg.