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Program Committee at What the Hack

I have been asked by Sabina Beeke of Iconiq to take place in the Program
Committee of the [What the Hack]
organisation. I have visited HIP in 1997, visited and presented at HAL
in 2001 and I'm delighted to join this committee in 2005. So Rop, Hans,
Tim, Jaap, Frank, Emmanuel, Stephanie, Anne, Hanno, Peter, Marielle,
Agnes, Edwin and Sabina: Let's do it!

The first meeting will be on the 7th of March. Of course I will not
be able to disclose details until the event itself, but I'm sure we'll
manage to get a lot of interresting folks to contribute.


REM in Antwerpen Sportpaleis

It sucked. While the evening itself was quite enjoyable, our experience
was kind of ruined by the seating. My inlaws had bought tickets for us;
we were to go with the four of us. Dinner was great [some chinese food
near the sportpaleis], but we were seated in the most horrible place

With no clear view on the podium, nor any of the speakers (which made
the sound horrible!), we could not even see the vidiwall R.E.M. had brought
with them. Although R.E.M. is not my kind of music [I only knew three songs
out of a set of 25 or so], it was remarkably well performed.

The one thing I will remember though, is the explanation they gave with
some of their newer songs, saying they wrote and performed them in
protest to their current [Bush] government.


Relax in Paradiso

It rocked. Totally. I have been a huge fan since their Live at Panama
album. The leadin group was some beginning dutch hiphop formation
D.A.C [www.onderdac.nl]. The
sound was not too good, but the vocals and effort pushed by the rappers
made up for that.

There was one thing though - they had one whitebread rapper who was by
far too obnixious. It seemed like he was showing off, but he was doing a
terrible job at it. Especially when he took off his (red) sweater and
started swinging it around, he really embarassed his group. Nice thing
about startups is that we saw them on the floor later on too.

Relax was sublime. Their live performance is so much better than their
studio work. We rocked to several older tracks; we saw Jacqueline (from
Krezip) and Boris (from Idols) as guest appearences. I particularly
enjoyed the trumpet player, and the unparalelled energy when rolling the
one track over into the next one seemlessly.