Pim works for Google and lives in Zurich (Switzerland). This blog attempts to let people understand what he's up to :-)


Nas NoShow!

NAS didn't show up for his european tour. Apparently he did not cancel the
013, nor did his management. I am very disappointed, especially because
Ticketservice does not offer a full refund, making the concert visitors
pay for the negligence of an artist. Shame on NAS, shame on
Ticketservice for making us pay!


I was hanging out at Sioux' place; we were upgrading some boxes and
drinking, when I was suddonly called away because
sum1.kelvin.network.bit.nl [a Summit5i] was failing. I drove to the
office and reset the thing which helped it come back up and go to work
for us once again.

I went home at 02.30 am, and threw the laptop in the hallway before
going to bed. The next morning, Patches came upstairs asking why I'd
left the door open and why I didn't close the cupboards ...

The burglars had taken our xbox, pentax camera, dect phone, my
15" powerbook and Patches' purse. Fuckers.


Insurance Payed - Gear replaced

The insurance company have processed my claim. After waiting 19 days on
the police report, and seeing my claim get lost in the mail, having a
hard time getting in touch with the expert and waiting some more, I
received a letter from them saying they will compensate me for my

I've replaced Apfelkorn [pb15, 1.5GHz, 80G, 512MB] and replaced my
digicam [Pentax Optio 430RS] with a Canon Ixus 50. Pictures can be
seen in my gallery.


Star Wars I in Turnhout

We went to see the missing Star Wars episode in Belgium. We'd bought
tickets a week prior to that and we visited our favorite Argentine
restaurant. It turned out they are serving Kobe steak, so we reserved a
table for the 19th.
We played a game of pool and darts at the Utopolis, then went for the
fabulous dinner [fab-u-lous, I have never eaten a piece of ribeye like
this one before!!], and then to the movies.
It was allright, but somehow the 4/5/6 episodes meant more to me. I'm
glad I know the missing story elements, but I found the sw3 movie to be
a lot of fighting and special effects. Oh well, the meat was great!


Relax at Almere Bevrijdingsfestival

Although it was a bit chilly, and we were surrounded by teenagers who
most apparently did not have a clue who Relax were [why would become
clear later on], it was a nice gig !

Relax' new album called Odeur de Closhard features two guest
appearances. The one is Jacqueline from Krezip, the other is Boris [some
Idols winner]; Boris was also present at this gig, and made the little
ones go wild with enthusiasm.



This morning I noticed that the vanpelt.nl domain was returned to the NL
registry; I instructed my ISP to register the domain for me which
succeeded. The last time I tried was in 1998, but it was registered to
some Cleaning company in Tilburg [if memory serves me].

I was called by some individual who wanted to re-register the domain,
but it is not for sale. I have always wanted this domain but had to
settle for 'pelt.nl' back in 1998; the two are now both mine.


Cat Lika died in car accident

The night Marina and I were out on the town, just before we were to
leave for Austria, Lika left the house to spend some time outside. She
does this often (several times a week), but Lika never stays the night
out. She's normally back before we go to sleep, and she then sleeps in
her warm and snug cat-bed which is attached to our bedroom chauffage.

The next day we left for Austria. WEiRD was to take care of our cats and
also Dieuwke promised to come round every now and again (she's helping
Marina finish her 13000 piece puzzle). She never came back, because she
was hit by a car that night.

I love Lika and wished for her not to be run over, but there is nothing
I can do to bring her back. She was cremated the 18th just when we got
back from Austria. Thanks to the Dierenambulance for their support and
help taking Lika to her resting place in the Grebbeberg.


Program Committee at What the Hack

I have been asked by Sabina Beeke of Iconiq to take place in the Program
Committee of the [What the Hack]
organisation. I have visited HIP in 1997, visited and presented at HAL
in 2001 and I'm delighted to join this committee in 2005. So Rop, Hans,
Tim, Jaap, Frank, Emmanuel, Stephanie, Anne, Hanno, Peter, Marielle,
Agnes, Edwin and Sabina: Let's do it!

The first meeting will be on the 7th of March. Of course I will not
be able to disclose details until the event itself, but I'm sure we'll
manage to get a lot of interresting folks to contribute.


REM in Antwerpen Sportpaleis

It sucked. While the evening itself was quite enjoyable, our experience
was kind of ruined by the seating. My inlaws had bought tickets for us;
we were to go with the four of us. Dinner was great [some chinese food
near the sportpaleis], but we were seated in the most horrible place

With no clear view on the podium, nor any of the speakers (which made
the sound horrible!), we could not even see the vidiwall R.E.M. had brought
with them. Although R.E.M. is not my kind of music [I only knew three songs
out of a set of 25 or so], it was remarkably well performed.

The one thing I will remember though, is the explanation they gave with
some of their newer songs, saying they wrote and performed them in
protest to their current [Bush] government.


Relax in Paradiso

It rocked. Totally. I have been a huge fan since their Live at Panama
album. The leadin group was some beginning dutch hiphop formation
D.A.C [www.onderdac.nl]. The
sound was not too good, but the vocals and effort pushed by the rappers
made up for that.

There was one thing though - they had one whitebread rapper who was by
far too obnixious. It seemed like he was showing off, but he was doing a
terrible job at it. Especially when he took off his (red) sweater and
started swinging it around, he really embarassed his group. Nice thing
about startups is that we saw them on the floor later on too.

Relax was sublime. Their live performance is so much better than their
studio work. We rocked to several older tracks; we saw Jacqueline (from
Krezip) and Boris (from Idols) as guest appearences. I particularly
enjoyed the trumpet player, and the unparalelled energy when rolling the
one track over into the next one seemlessly.


European Council sneaks Sofware Patents

This morning I was apawled and disgusted by yet another attempt of the
european council in adopting the software patent agreement of 18 May
2004. Previous attempts failed (yaay, Poland!)
Information taken from [ffii.org]:

Cyprus submitted a written declaration at the start of the Council
session. Poland, Denmark, Portugal and others (not specified) asked for
a B item (discussion point). The Luxembourg presidency claimed this was
not possible due to procedural reasons, and that this would have
undermined the whole process -> it would stay on the list of A-items.
Luxembourg then gave a long statement regarding how the EP still gets a chance in second reading, the importance of avoiding leg
al uncertainty etc.
Denmark said it was disappointed about this, but accepted and submitted
a written declaration. Later on, the list of A items was accepted by the

Dutch IPv6 task force

I have been asked by several individuals [Bosco Fernandes, Latif Ladid and Carlos
Friacas] if I was interrested in joining the european IPv6 taskforce.
After careful deliberation and a talk with my boss at BIT, I have been
granted permission to spend time on this project.

I'll also join the current dutch IPv6 taskforce. This will be formed by
[ECP] in Februari of 2005. Their
kickoff meeting will be 27th of April, where I shall be present, just to
see if there's enough techies in the NL IPv6 TF.